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Inspection and Testing

Our focus on quality is supported by third-party certifications and industry-specific industry relationships. As a leader in our industry, we believe in not only meeting but exceeding industry quality standards. We actively support and go beyond certification requirements to promote products and services of the highest quality.


Our quality auditors are trained to detect counterfeit and substandard components. Based on years of expertise in quality assurance, fraud detection and prevention, our inspection process includes a comprehensive inspection of parts from outer packaging to inside.

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Counterfeit Detection
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Quality Control

The members of quality team at Leni’s are well trained, technically and objectively in detecting product quality defects that are usually not found during the multi-step inspection process. Various tools are available to our inspectors.

Members of the Leni’s Quality Group are implementing a three-tiered inbound verification process based on IDEA-1010B, among other stringent industry quality standards. These stringent standards guarantee the highest quality and exact fit for the materials.

  • Level 1 Complete traceability
  • Level 2 Security
  • Level 3 Risk Reduction

Components undergo a multi-step visual inspection process using a variety of high magnification microscopes (up to 1000x magnification) and digital cameras to document each step of the inspection. Expanded inspection follows visual inspection using techniques such as label strength testing, product crushing, or cleaning (heated dissolution test). Each test is compliant with an anti-fraud policy at Leni's.

Quality Control