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The fastest and highest quality products for your production from all over the world

Leni's Technologies is an international distributor of electronic components. We have access to all components and devices. We offer a layered service, but at its core, we exist to be an integral part of our customers' supply chain. We have strategies to appropriately reduce costs or ensure continuity of supply in difficult times. Our experienced employees, who have been in the business for many years, are always ready to support our customers in various situations, from simple market knowledge to strategic purchases of several million dollars.

Leni's is a private company that works primarily in the interests of our customers. This allows us to be flexible and provide assistance in the most demanding levels of support. We welcome the challenges in this ever-evolving market and are at the forefront of customizable services. We always meet with our customers and try different ways to lubricate gears and support the supply chain.

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Purchasing Power

Outstanding client base of Leni’s allows us to collect large volumes of requests. Our strategy is to increase volumes and negotiate very aggressive prices.

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Scarcity / Savings

Goal at Leni's is to strengthen purchasing power and customer relationships, to help customers save money and ensure uninterrupted supply chain. We buy directly and in some cases the source is Leni’s Technologies. Our customers can benefit from premium pricing even if their actual consumption is not at this level.

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